It's important for phpMyFAQ to provide documentation to its users, but documentation means different things to different people. You can find links to our end-user guide providing everything from the installation of phpMyFAQ and how to use it. For developers, we provide a bunch of resources about how to contribute to phpMyFAQ the right way.

Documentation for users

  • Documentation for phpMyFAQ 3.2

    This guide contains detailed documentation for those using phpMyFAQ 3.2, whether they be administrators or end-users.
  • Requirements

    All requirements like e.g. the minimum PHP version to install the latest version of phpMyFAQ
  • Changelog

    The list of user-visible changes of phpMyFAQ releases since 2001.
  • Translations

    The list of supported languages in phpMyFAQ and a guide how to fix existing or add new translations.

Documentation for developers

  • Coding standards

    Coding styles for PHP code, HTML, and LESS/CSS. Please take care you follow these coding standards.
  • How to contribute

    If you want to contribute code or fix issues in phpMyFAQ you can find everything on this page.
  • Source code

    Quick link to our repository at Github.
  • Codenames

    phpMyFAQ uses codenames for every major release, if you're curious about them, take a look at this page.

Outdated documentations

Looking for an old version of documentation? We have an overview of old, un-maintained versions online.

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