Thank you!

The phpMyFAQ Team wants to thank the following persons and/or companies:

  • Lieven Op De Beeck for the initial phpMyFAQ logo
  • Jens Grochtdreis for helping with (X)HTML and CSS nightmares on phpMyFAQ and
  • David Soria Parra for git support and bugfixing the MySQLi and SQLite support
  • Tom Rochester for the initial PostgreSQL port
  • Adam Greene for the Sybase port
  • Stephan Hochhaus for the initial English documentation
  • Robin Wood for patches and improvements
  • Minoru Toda for the original Ajax based link verifier
  • Helmut Tessarek for helping with the IBM DB2 support
  • Periklis Tsirakidis for the Mozilla Firefox search plugin and the Greek translation
  • Mathias Schindler for the Google searching, Freshmeat work and propaganda
  • Jan Kneschke for helping with the lighttpd rewrite rules
  • Stefan Esser for fixing PHP and keeping security in mind
  • Sarah Hermann, Elger Thiele, and Jan Mergler for their contributions during the Mayflower Barcamp 2008
  • Daniel Richter for alpha version and Apple testing
  • Rene Treffer for the SVN administration and daily SVN snapshots
  • Tadashi Jokagi for the Japanese translation and MIME support
  • and everyone we might forgot
  • and of course everyone who is using phpMyFAQ!

Thanks for the presents from our wishlists and other things: